The advent and improvement of Tech has been followed by series of legit ways to make money online, Of which one of the easiest is NFT.

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But first, for those with little knowledge about NFT, below is a brief but vivid analysis.

[What NFT looks like]

One thing to put in mind is that NFT(non-fungible token) is a DIGITAL ASSET which trade via blockchain technology and can represent real life commodities such as...


This Art was sold $7.09 millions (1,600 ETH) on NFT


This funny looking picture was sold over $1Million on NFT


Photographer Laney Griner took a photo of her 11-month-old son Sammy by the beach back in August 2007. She uploaded it to Flickr and the image of the fist-pumping toddler with an adorable expression of triumph became internet-famous as Success Kid. In April, she sold the NFT meme for 15 ETH, worth $35,204.40.

And Many More...

They're usually "one of a kind" assets in the digital world that people can buy and sell in NFT "marketplaces".

The best part about this?

Anything around you can be sold for gold! Imagine taking variety of selfies, uploading them on an NFT marketplace and eventually making millions of dollars from them

Such was the case of an Indonesian college student, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali. This can also be you today.

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